Back to School Logic Puzzle Walkthrough

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Binder tells you that uniform and book bag were Reused.

Book bag tells you that crayons, glue, and markers are one of each status. Uniform tells you that markers were not reused. Binder tells you that crayons were not reused, since book bag was. So you know that glue must have been Reused.

Uniform tells you that it is the only item in its column that was reused. So according to glue, compass and protractor were both Bought.

Since compass tells you that Joe did not skip the scissors, you know from binder that either notebook or pencils were skipped. This means, according to protractor, that pens were definitely not skipped. Therefore, according to binder, tissue was Skipped.

According to binder, pens must have been Reused.

Glue tells you that no math item was skipped. So according to pens, crayons could not have been skipped. So according to binder, crayons were Bought and eraser was Skipped.

Book bag told you that crayons, glue, and markers were one of each status. This means that markers were Skipped.

Markers tell you that ruler was not bought new. It also was not skipped, according to glue. So ruler was Reused.

Pens now tell you that crayons must be the same as calculator, so the calculator was Bought.

Folders were not reused, according to uniform. So according to binder, folders were Skipped and flash drive was Reused.

Flash drive tells you that scissors was Bought.

If scissors were the only bought item in its column, then pencils were skipped. In that case index cards would have to be skipped, according to eraser. Also, notebooks would be reused, according to binder. This would mean loose leaf paper was skipped, according to compass. All cells would be filled in, but flash drive would be false because no item would be bought in the second row. So you know that scissors was not the only bought item in its column. Pencils cannot be bought, according to binder, so index cards were Bought.

The only column without at least one item of each status is the first column. So, according to index cards, notebooks were Skipped.

According to binder, pencils were Reused.

Pencils must be referring to scissors, since all its adjacent cells are filled in. Protractor is not adjacent to any known bought item, so according to pencils, loose leaf paper must be Bought.

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