Favorite Ninja Turtle Logic Puzzle Walkthrough

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Moira tells you that Grant, Iggy, and Stan all like Raphael.

Iggy’s clue is important. He effectively tells you that the center column has exactly one fan of each turtle and every other column has one fan of three of the turtles, plus two fans of one turtle. There’s a 2-Leo column, a 2-Raph column, a 2-Don column, and a 2-Mike column. Since Grant and Iggy both like Raphael, that is the 2-Raph column. So Quinn’s column cannot have two Raphael fans, meaning, according to Grant, that Quinn must like Donatello.

Since there are four corners and each has a different favorite (Stan) of the four Turtles, then according to Quinn, Yves must like Donatello.

Yves tells you that her column is the 2-Leo column. Therefore it cannot have a second Donatello fan, so according to Grant, Val must like Raphael.

Val tells you that Ned and Omar like Leonardo and Raphael or vice versa. Since that middle column has Moira, who cannot decide, Liv and Karl must like Michelangelo and Donatello or vice versa, according to Iggy. So then, according to Grant, it is Liv who likes Donatello and Karl who likes Michelangelo.

Since the far right is the 2-Leo column (Yves) and Val likes Raphael, you know that Uriah must not like Raphael. This means, according to Stan, that either Atlas or Erin likes Raphael. Since the second column is already the 2-Raph column, the first column cannot have a second fan of Raphael. So Brody must like Donatello, according to Grant.

Brody tells you that Stan is adjacent to at least one male Michelangelo fan and at least one female Michelangelo fan. Neither Ned nor Omar likes Michelangelo, according to Val, so Brody’s Michelangelo-supporting brother who is adjacent to Stan must be Wade or Xeno. Since Yves says that two of that column like Leonardo, then whichever one of Wade/Xeno is not Brody’s brother must like Leonardo and Uriah must also like Leonardo.

Time to work through Atlas’ options. According to Stan, Atlas likes either Raphael or Michelangelo, and Erin likes the other one. Brody says if Atlas likes Raphael, then Wade likes Leonardo. If Atlas likes Michelangelo, then of course Erin likes Raphael. Since Omar likes either Raphael or Leonardo (Val), Jacki and Tessa would both have to like Michelangelo, according to Yves. And as Uriah says, if Jacki and Tessa have the same favorite, that is also Xeno’s favorite. And if Xeno likes Michelangelo, then according to Yves, Wade would like Leonardo. Bottom line is Atlas only has two options and both lead to Wade liking Leonardo.

The far right column still needs a fan of Michelangelo, according to Iggy, so Xeno likes Michelangelo.

Wade tells you that neither Val nor Honor likes Michelangelo or Donatello. Honor also cannot like Raphael, since according to Iggy, no column can have more than two fans of the same turtle. So Honor likes Leonardo.

Honor tells you she is only adjacent to one Leonardo fan. Neither Atlas nor Erin is a Leonardo fan, according to Stan, so according to Iggy, Clive or Diana has to be. So since Honor is only adjacent to one Leonardo fan, Ned cannot be one. So according to Iggy or Val, Ned must like Raphael.

According to Iggy, Omar must like Leonardo.

Xeno reveals to you that Paul’s column is the 2-Don column because the far left column has more males than females. So Paul’s column can only have one fan of the other three turtles. According to Brody, Stan is adjacent to at least one female Michelangelo fan, so either Rayne or Tessa (or both). So Paul cannot be a fan of Michelangelo. Stan likes Raphael, so there cannot be another Raphael fan in the column either. Omar tells you that Paul does not like Donatello. This means Paul must like Leonardo.

Stan tells you that Atlas and Erin like Raphael and Michelangelo or vice versa. Xeno reveals that Paul’s column is the 2-Don column so the far left column must be the 2-Mike column. So then Clive and Diana must like Michelangelo and Leonardo or vice versa. According to Paul, if Clive does not like Michelangelo, then Jacki doesn’t. Because of what Yves says, this would mean Erin must like Michelangelo. Now let’s say Clive does like Michelangelo. This would mean Diana likes Leonardo. That would mean, according to Ned, that Fay and Tessa must have the same favorite. If Fay and Tessa both like Michelangelo, then Jacki would need to be the Donatello fan of her column and Erin would like Michelangelo according to Yves. If Fay and Tessa both like Donatello, then the bottom row would still need two Michelangelo fans, according to Yves. Whether or not Clive likes Michelangelo, Erin ends up liking Michelangelo.

According to Stan, Atlas must like Raphael.

Let’s say Jacki and Rayne do not like the same turtle. If Jacki likes Michelangelo, then Rayne would like Donatello. Then Fay would like Donatello and Tessa would like Michelangelo. Jacki liking Donatello and Rayne liking Michelangelo would not work because Tessa would have to like Michelangelo and Donatello simultaneously (Xeno+Yves). So if Jacki and Rayne do not like the same turtle, neither do Fay and Tessa. According to Ned, that would mean Diana likes Michelangelo or Raphael. It would be Michelangelo since she is in the 2-Mike column. Now if Jacki and Rayne do like the same turtle, Atlas says at least one row is symmetric. For Clive’s row to be symmetric, you’d have to put two Leonardo fans in the 2-Don column, so that doesn’t work. Clearly the only other option is Diana’s row. So Diana would like Michelangelo. Again, either way, whether Jacki and Rayne like the same turtle or not, Diana likes Michelangelo.

According to Iggy, Clive must like Leonardo.

Now, according to Paul, Jacki does not like Michelangelo. Someone in her column needs to, so Fay likes Michelangelo. Also, Yves says at least two in the bottom row like Michelangelo, so Tessa also likes Michelangelo.

Jacki’s column needs a Donatello fan, according to Iggy. Rayne’s column needs a second Donatello fan, according to Xeno. So Jacki and Rayne both like Donatello.

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