Favorite City Logic Puzzle Walkthrough

The most populous U.S. city to begin with each of the first five letters of the English alphabet is a choice in the puzzle: Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and El Paso.

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Henry tells you that only two people like the city that begins with the same letter as their name. Those two are also in corners. No city begins with V or Z, so Henry must be talking about Amy and Erin. Amy likes Austin and Erin likes El Paso.

Erin tells you that Cliff and Zane do not like Austin, Dallas, or El Paso. Henry told you that Cliff cannot like Chicago, so Cliff must like Boston.

Cliff tells you about three individuals who based their decision on pro sports. The Mavericks are from Dallas, so Owen likes Dallas. Leon and Phil evidently like the same city, the one with the Sox. But there are White Sox from Chicago and Red Sox from Boston. But according to Amy, Boston lovers cannot be adjacent to each other, so Leon and Phil both like Chicago.

Erin told you that Zane does not like Austin, Dallas, or El Paso. So if he doesn’t like Chicago, then he would like Boston. So Phil says that if Zane likes Boston, then Rhett also likes Boston (Boston is the only one of these cities on the ocean). But if Rhett and Zane both like Boston and no Boston lovers can be adjacent (Amy), then none of the 3-letter names would be able to like Boston, but Owen says that all the 3-letter names are different, meaning one of them has to like Boston. So going back to Phil’s clue, Zane’s favorite is, in fact, Chicago.

Zane tells you that each column has at least one Boston and at least one Dallas. Leon tells you that neither Fiona nor Kara likes Dallas, so Val must like Dallas for that column to have a Dallas lover.

According to Amy, neither Dolly nor Ivan likes Boston. So according to Zane, at least one of Nora, Tim, and Yuna likes Boston. All three of them are adjacent to Ursa, so Ursa cannot like Boston. This means the far right column needs Jared to like Boston, according to Zane.

Owen tells you that neither Skye nor Yuna likes Chicago. Leon tells you that no female adjacent to him likes Dallas. Val tells you that Skye does not like El Paso. Owen tells you that each 3-letter name likes a different city, and there are five, so one of them must like Boston. Ben is adjacent to Cliff, so either Moe or Tim likes Boston. Both are adjacent to Skye, so she cannot like Boston. So all that’s left for Skye is Austin.

You know from Owen that Moe and Tim are different and that  one of them likes Boston. The other one likes El Paso or Chicago. And whichever one he doesn’t like Ben likes, being the other 3-letter name. Jared tells you that Nora is not the same as anyone adjacent to her, including Moe and Tim. So Nora is not Austin, Boston, or Dallas. She is Chicago or El Paso, just like Tim/Moe, the one who’s not Boston. But since she is not the same as Tim or Moe, she likes whichever of Chicago or El Paso Tom/Moe doesn’t like. The same was true of Ben, so Nora and Ben must have the same favorite. This means that Ben does share both a diagonal and a favorite with someone. So according to Skye, the middle column people all have a different favorite, meaning Moe and Xerxes like Chicago and El Paso or vice versa. This means the only 3-letter name who can like Boston is Tim.

You just established that either Moe or Xerxes likes El Paso. Erin also likes El Paso. You established that Nora and Ben like the same city, so according to Tim, it cannot be El Paso. Looking at Nora’s adjacents and Jared’s clue or looking at the 3-letter names and Owen’s clue, you determine that Ben and Nora must both like Chicago.

According to Owen, Moe likes El Paso.

According to Skye, Xerxes likes Chicago.

Xerxes tells you that Kara has the same favorite as Wilma or Yuna. According to Leon, Gabby does not like Dallas. According to Amy, Gabby does not like Boston. According to Zane, every column has at least one Boston lover and at least one Dallas lover. This means that Rhett and Wilma like Boston and Dallas or vice versa. Kara also cannot like Dallas because of Leon. So if Kara and Wilma have the same favorite, it must be Boston. If that were true, then Rhett would have to like Dallas. If that were true, Yuna could not like Dallas, according to Moe. So if Kara and Wilma have the same favorite, Yuna does not like Dallas. If Kara and Yuna have the same favorite, Yuna still does not like Dallas, because Kara cannot like Dallas because of Leon. So Yuna does not like Dallas, either way. Dolly does not like Dallas, according to Henry. So according to Zane, Ivan likes Dallas.

Ivan tells you that Gabby does not like Chicago. Leon told you that Gabby does not like Dallas. Amy told you that Gabby does not like Boston. Kara cannot like El Paso because either Wilma or Yuna is the same as her (Xerxes), and that would make four people who like El Paso, too many for what Tim says. Rhett and Wilma cannot like El Paso, because as established in step 16/25, Rhett and Wilma like Boston and Dallas or vice versa. So Phil is not adjacent to anyone who likes El Paso. This means, according to Ben, that no one in his column likes Austin. This means that Gabby likes El Paso. She is the third person to like El Paso, and according to Tim, the final person to like El Paso.

Yuna is adjacent to Tim, so she cannot like Boston (Amy). Owen told you that Yuna does not like Chicago. You established in step 16/25 that Yuna does not like Dallas. No more people like El Paso according to Tim, so Yuna likes Austin.

Austin and El Paso already have two female supporters. But according to Yuna, at least one more female likes Dallas. Leon rules out Fiona and Kara. Henry rules out Dolly. So either Wilma or Ursa or both like Dallas. If Wilma likes Dallas, then Rhett likes Boston, according to Zane. If Ursa likes Dallas, then Rhett does not, according to Moe. If Rhett does not like Dallas, then he likes Boston, according to Zane. Either way, Rhett likes Boston.

Zane now tells you that Wilma likes Dallas.

Zane and Amy now tell you that Fiona, not Kara, likes Boston.

Kara is the same as Wilma or Yuna, according to Xerxes, but does not like Dallas, according to Leon. So Kara likes Austin.

At the moment there are six Chicago lovers, five Dallas lovers, and four Austin lovers.
Dolly cannot be Boston (Amy), Dallas (Henry), or El Paso (Tim). So Dolly likes Austin or Chicago.
Ursa cannot be Boston (Amy), Chicago (Jared), or El Paso (Tim). So Ursa likes Austin or Dallas.
Chicago can’t have more fans than any other with only six, because then either Austin would get two more (total of 6) or Dallas would get one more (total of 6). So if Chicago has the most fans, Dolly like Chicago.
If Austin and Dallas tie, it’s because Austin gets one more and Dallas stays. That would have to mean that Ursa likes Austin and Dolly like Chicago.
Either way, Dolly likes Chicago.

Since Chicago has seven supporters, more than any other city, Austin and Dallas cannot have the same number of supporters, according to Kara. This means that Ursa cannot like Austin, so she likes Dallas.

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