Halloween Logic Puzzle (Easier) Walkthrough

The four students are Adam Ford, Iris Evans, Laurie Strode, and Stan Sporcle.
The three cops are Detective Boyd, Officer Tate, and Sergeant White.
A person can “see” someone in the same diagonal, row, or column.

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Adam Ford tells you homeless guy is safe.

Homeless guy tells you that each cop is a different status, one of each. Since he can see two of the cops, and cannot see any accomplice, Detective Boyd must be an accomplice.

Detective Boyd tells you that man on bike is not a victim. Homeless guy told you he is not an accomplice, so man on bike is safe.

Man on bike tells you that Iris’ friend is a victim.

Iris’ friend tells you that all of the following are victims: Dr. Spencer, guitarist, Officer Tate, and paramedic.

Homeless guy now tells you that Sergeant White is safe.

Dr. Spencer tells you that Prof. Becks is safe. He also tells you that store clerk is not safe. Homeless guy told you that store clerk is not accomplice, so store clerk is a victim.

Detective Boyd tells you there are three total accomplices. Sergeant White says he can see two of them. He cannot see Detective Boyd, so Sergeant White can see both remaining accomplices. This means Rev. Stone is not an accomplice, and Dr. Spencer told you he’s not safe. So Rev. Stone is a victim.

Man on bike says his row has the most victims. The row below has three victims already, so now you know that Laurie Strode, Mrs. Myers, and Mr. Andrews are all victims.

Laurie Strode tells you that one of the “diner” people is a victim and the other two are safe. None of them is an accomplice because Sergeant White cannot see any of them, except diner worker, whom homeless guy identifies as not an accomplice. So since one of the “diner” people is a victim, Rev. Stone tells you that guy on street and Iris Evans are not victims. Homeless guy tells you they are not accomplices and Sergeant White cannot see them anyway; they are both safe.

The remaining two accomplices are people that Sergeant White can see, but whom homeless guy cannot see. Adam Ford says no student is an accomplice and Iris Evans says Snickers is not an accomplice. This leaves only Nurse Jill and taxi driver as the remaining accomplices.

Nurse Jill says that Snickers is not a victim. With all accomplices placed, Snickers is safe.

Guy on street can see six known victims. Taxi driver says he can see eight. Only one “diner” person is a victim, according to Laurie Strode, so Stan Sporcle must be a victim.

The diner person who is a victim must be someone guy on street can see, since taxi driver says he can see eight victims. This means diner worker is safe.

Diner worker says that diner guest 2 is not safe. So diner guest 2 is a victim.

Laurie Strode says 2/3 of the “diner” people are safe, so diner guest 1 is safe.

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