Football Positions: Logic Puzzle Walkthrough

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1.) 40-left-hash tells you that the center is either on the 20 or between the hashes (or both). The center cannot be between the hashes because 00-right-sideline says only the quarterback is between the hashes. The center cannot be at 20-left-has or 20-right-sideline because then he couldn’t be halfway between two linemen, 20 yards from each. So the Center must be at 20-right-hash, with linemen at 00-right-hash and 40-right-hash.

2.) You know that there are no wide receivers between the hashes (00-right-sideline) so the two wide receivers near the center must be right hash or right sideline. The center also tells you that 10-right-sideline, 20-right-sideline, and 30-right -sideline are either wide receiver or open space. Since the center says those two wide receivers are not near each other, you know that no matter what, 20-right-sideline is Open Space.

3.) You know that 40-right-hash is a lineman from 40-left-hash. So 20-right-sideline now tells you that 40-left-sideline, 40-between-the-hashes, and 40-right-sideline are all Open Spaces.

4.) You know the quarterback is the only player between the hashes. So if the quarterback is at 20-between-the-hashes, 00-between-the-hashes would have to be open space. But that would make all four spaces that are 20 yards from the quarterback open spaces. But 40-left-sideline says the quarterback is 20 yards away from at least one player. So the quarterback cannot be at 20-between-the-hashes, meaning it must be Open Space.

5.) You know that one lineman is on the goal line at 00-right hash (40-left-hash). 20-between-the-hashes tells you that only two players are on the goal line, and one of them is a skill position, so definitely not a lineman. This means that 20-left-sideline must be talking about the player at 00-right-hash. So 00-right-hash is Offensive Guard.

6.) The center tells you that two wide receivers are near the center. No matter where the quarterback ends up being between the hashes, he will be adjacent to either the center or the offensive guard at 00-right-hash. The running back and tight end are not near multiple linemen, according to 00-right-hash. So what about the third wide receiver? You know that the final cell on the 40 is a lineman. You know the center is only near two wide receivers. You know that only the quarterback is between the hashes. This all means that the third wide receiver must be on the left hashes or left sideline. Therefore he is not near any of the three known linemen. 40-right-sideline essentially tells you that each row has one lineman, since there are five linemen. You know where the one on the 40 goes. This means one of the final two linemen is at 10-left sideline or 10-left-hash and the other lineman is at 30-left-sideline or 30-left hash. The third wide receiver must be near both of these linemen, since he cannot be near any of the other three, and 00-right-hash says he has to be near at least two. Therefore the third Wide Receiver must be at 20-left-hash.

7.) Since the grid is only 50 yards wide, the tackles in clue 20-left-hash must form an L-shape. It’s also key that it says “spaceS.” Both offensive tackles must be 30 yards away from at least two of the same open spaces. It’s clearly not the two linemen we just established are near the third wide receiver. So it must be the lineman at 40-right-hash. He must be an Offensive Tackle.

8.) And the only way for him to be 30 yards away from multiple open spaces that are also 30 yards away from the other offensive tackle is if the other Offensive Tackle is at 10-left-sideline. Then the Open Spaces are 40-left-sideline, which you already had, and 10-right-hash.

9.) The center says he is near two wide receivers who are not near each other. So now you know that one of them must be 10-right-sideline.

9.) All the linemen are placed. If the quarterback is at 00-between-the-hashes, he is only adjacent to one lineman. Therefore 00-between-the-hashes is Open Space.

10.) By this time you know that the skill position at the goal line is the running back; he’s the only skill position left. This means the tight end is either 10-left-hash, 30-right-sideline, or 30-right-hash. If the tight end is at 10-left-hash, he’s definitely near the running back, and he’s also near an offensive tackle and a wide receiver. This would force the quarterback to be at 30-between-the-hashes, so that the tight end would not be near four players.
If the tight end is at 30-left-sideline, he clearly could not be near three players.
If the tight end is at 30-left-hash, he would need to be near two more players: the last offensive guard at 30-left-sideline and the quarterback at 30-between-the-hashes.
The bottom line is that either way, the QuarterBack is at 30-between-the-hashes.

11.) 00-right sideline now tells you that 10-between-the-hashes is Open Space.

11.) Right now the wide receiver is near the quarterback and the quarterback is near the wide receiver. That’s two skill positions who are near another skill position. According to the quarterback, no more skill positions can be near another skill position. This means the final wide receiver must not be near the quarterback, but at 30-right-sideline.

12.) You now have three more players: offensive guard (30-left sideline or 30-left hash), tight end (10/30-left-hash) and running back (00-left sideline or 00-left-hash). So 30-right-hash is Open Space.

13.) The offensive guard at 00-right-hash is only near one skill position: the wide receiver at 10-right-sideline. So according to 30-right-hash, the last lineman to be placed must be near multiple skill positions. That doesn’t work at 30-left-sideline. Therefore 30-left-hash is Offensive Guard.

14.) 00-between-the-hashes told you that the tight end is near three players. Therefore the Tight End is at 10-left-hash.

15.) The running back must be the skill position on the goal line (20-between-the-hashes). So 30-left-sideline is Open Space.

16.) There are three total players on the sidelines and three on the left-hash. So according to 30-left-sideline, the sidelines cannot get another player unless the left hash does too. There’s only one more player: running back, so Running Back is at 00-left-hashes.

17.) All players are placed. 00-left sideline is Open Space.

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