Solve These Sequences 2 Answers

1.) The first letter of the first five cardinal numbers is given.

2.) The first letter of the American coin and its value in cents

3.) The colors of the rainbow without vowels

4.) The first number suggests a polygon of that many sides. The second number is the average number of degrees in each angle of that polygon, or the exact number of degrees if that polygon is regular.

5.) The days of the week, minus “day,” with each vowel shifted to the next one alphabetically

6.) The words are how you might read the Roman numerals to which the numbers correspond.

7.) The first letter and order of admission to the Union of the first six states

8.) A numeral followed by that same number spelled out, but each keystroke “missed” one to the right

9.) The first and last letter of each of the seven continents is given in alphabetical order.

10.) The 12 months in the Gregorian calendar, minus consonants

11.) Abbreviations of the items in the song “12 Days of Christmas”

12.) The first four ordinal numbers with the first and last letter switched


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