Favorite Sport Logic Puzzle Walkthrough

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1.) Clay could be talking about Ross and Alice or Emma and Henry. So look at Boaz. The only female who is adjacent to exactly three males but not Boaz is Audrey. Therefore Audrey likes soccer.

2.) Audrey tells you that Alice does not like hockey or basketball. Now you know that Clay is talking about Emma and Henry. So they both like hockey.

3.) Henry tells you that Anna does not like football. Audrey tells you that Anna does not like hockey or basketball. Emma tells you that Anna does not like soccer, since Audrey already does. Therefore Anna likes baseball.

4.) Emma says April and Alice count as one person as far as her rule is concerned. That means they like the same sport. It’s not outdoor according to Audrey, and it can’t be baseball or soccer, since those are taken by the other “A” girls. Therefore April and Alice both like football.

5.) April says that she has exactly two brothers and is adjacent to both. Alice is April’s sister and is also adjacent to at least one of the brothers. This means at least one of their brothers is adjacent to both April and Alice. Since Ross is the only one that fits, he must be a brother, and he must be the one who likes basKetball, according to Alice.

6.) Ross identifies two males, one of whom is directly below the other, both of whom like soccer. This could be Paul and Troy or Luke and Jack. But April says that Jack likes an indoor sport, so he can’t like soccer. Therefore Paul and Troy both like soccer.

7.) According to Henry, Sean must like football.

8.) April says that Jack likes either hockey or basketball. Sean tells you that it’s not hockey, so Jack likes basKetball.

9.) The other brother of Alice, April, and Ross must be adjacent to April, according to April. That leaves Luke, Ryan, and Kyle. Anna tells you that Ryan is their father. Jack tells you that he is Luke’s father, so he can’t be their brother either. Therefore Kyle is the final brother of Alice, April, and Ross, and according to Ross, he likes baseball.

10.) According to Kyle, Luke likes either soccer or hockey. According to Sean, then, it must be soccer.

11.) 80% of a row means 4. That clearly cannot happen in the top 3 rows. According to Paul, Ilene does not like basketball or baseball. She would have to like one of those in order for row 4 to have 80% fans of one sport. This means it is the 5th row that Luke is talking about with 4 fans of one sport. It’s either soccer or football. Now Troy mentions his girlfriend playing hockey. Clay says it’s not Emma. Troy himself says she’s a different person than Ilene. It can’t be Iris, Uma, or Elle according to Sean. And now it can’t be Elsa, since the rest of row 5 likes either football or soccer. Therefore Troy’s girlfriend is Erin, and she likes hockey.

12.) The three rows that have one fan of each sport must be rows 2-4. Row 1 has two hockey fans and Row 5 is going to have 4 fans of the same sport. So, according to Erin, Elle likes baseball.

12.) Somebody has to like hockey in row 4, according to Erin. It can’t be Iris or Drew, according to Sean. Therefore Ilene likes hockey.

13.) At the moment there are 5 hockey fans. You know that Elsa and Noah both like either soccer or football. You also know from Sean that Uma, Iris, and Drew don’t like hockey. So Ryan is the only one left who could like hockey. So 5 or 6 people like hockey. If anyone else in Row 5 likes football, all the rest of Row 5 likes football, according to Luke. That would bring the football fan total up to 6, and that would make Ilene a liar, whether Ryan likes hockey or not. Therefore no one else in Row 5 likes football, so the rest of that row likes soccer.

14.) Liam is clearly talking about Column 2. So Column 2 needs a baseball fan and a football fan. According to Erin, Row 3 can’t have another football fan and Row 4 can’t have another baseball fan. So Uma likes baseball and Iris likes football.

15.) According to Erin, Ryan likes basKetball and Drew likes soccer.

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