4-Hole Golf Logic Puzzle

The puzzle essentially looks like this when you are done. Remember, on the left column you are figuring out the pars, not the hole numbers. The hole numbers are in order. This is just a sample to help you get started. This is not the correct solution.


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1.) Top left corner tells you that hole 2 is a par 4. So 4 goes in cell C, the far left third down.

1.) Bottom left corner tells you that Rory is on the far right, so put his name in the top right corner.

2.) Rory tells you that Jordan did not have any pars. Hole 2 tells you that 3 players in a row had a par somewhere. This means that Jordan must be the first player on the score card. So put Jordan in cell G, where Phil is in the sample above.

3.) Jordan tells you that Jordan got a 4 on hole 3. So put a 4 in cell J.

4.) Rory tells you that Jordan finished worse than par. If he had at least one bogey and one birdie, but finished above par, he must have had 3 bogeys and 1 birdie. This means he finished with 18, since course par is 16. So 18 goes on bottom, in cell L.

5.) Jordan’s total tells you that hole 3 is a par 4 or 5. But according to Rory, Jordan did not par any hole, and he got a 4 on hole 3. So hole 3 must be a par 5, the only par 5 according to the top left corner. So put 5 in cell D, 1st column, fourth down.

6.) According to step 4 above, Jordan had 3 bogeys and one birdie. We already know his birdie is hole 3. Therefore he must have a 5 on hole 2. So cell I is 5.

7.) Jordan’s hole 3 says that Justin’s total was 15 or fewer. So then according to Jordan’s hole 2, Rory’s total was 14 or fewer. This means that Rory could not have a 6 or worse, not even on hole 3, because he never did better than birdie, according to Jordan’s hole 2. He also had to have parred at least one hole, according to hole 2. So 1 par + 2 birdies + 6 (even if the 6 was only a bogey) = 15. Rory also got no 5’s, according to hole 3. Rory’s hole 3 was not 6 or worse and it was not 5. And it wasn’t better than birdie (4). This means Rory’s hole 3 had to be a 4. Cell 2 is 4.

8.) You know that Phil, Justin, and Rory all parred the same hole somewhere, according to hole 2. Rory’s hole 3 tells you that Phil had a different score than Justin and Rory on holes 1 and 4. So the only hole all 3 of them could have parred is hole 2. And you know that hole 2 is par 4. Therefore Justin, Rory, and Phil got 4 on hole 2. Cells O, U, and 1 are all 4.

9.) The directions and the very first clue tell you that the remaining holes are par 3 and par 4. Jordan did not get a 5 on hole 1, according to (Phil/Justin?)’s hole 2. Since all Jordan’s remaining holes are bogeys, hole 1 must not be a par 4. So it must be a par 3, and Jordan must have gotten a 4 on it.

10.) The remaining hole must have been the other par 4, and so Jordan must have gotten a 5 on it.

10.) Look at the clue on hole 1. Jordan’s hole 3 says Justin’s total was 15 or fewer. He already has a 4 on hole 2, so he can’t have gotten two 6’s. Can he have gotten an 8? Rory’s hole 3 says Phil lost hole 4, so Justin did not get an 8 on hole 4, since 8 is the worst score. Rory’s hole 2 says no one got an 8 on hole 3. And (Phil/Justin?)’s hole 2 says that no one got an 8 on hole 1. So Justin could not have gotten an 8 or two 6’s. This means that the third player is Phil and so the second player is Justin.

11.) Jordan’s total told you that Phil got a 5 on hole 3. Now you know where to put it.

12.) Phil got either two 6’s or one 8, according to hole 1. He also won hole 1, according to Rory’s hole 3. He can’t win hole 1 with a 6, since Jordan got a 4. So if Phil could not have two 6’s he had one 8. It clearly wasn’t on hole 1, so Phil’s hole 4 was an 8.

13.) Justin says he is the only one to get a 1. If Phil won hole 1 (Rory’s hole 3) but did’t get a 1, but he beat a 4, he must have had a 2 or 3. If Phil won hole 1 with a 3, then Rory had at least a 4 on hole 1. But if Rory had a 4 on hole 1, he can’t win the course (according to step 7, he had a 14 or fewer) since he did not get any better than 3 on hole 4, according to Jordan’s hole 2. This means that Rory had to have a 3 on hole 1, and that Phil won hole 1 with a 2.

14.) Phil’s total is 19.

14.) Rory has to make 14 or fewer. The lowest he can get on hole 4 is 3 because of Jordan’s hole 2, so that’s what he got.

15.) So Rory’s total is 14.

16.) Justin did not beat or tie Rory, according to Jordan’s hole 2, but he did beat par, according to Jordan’s hole 3. This means his total had to be 15.

16.) Justin says he got a 1 somewhere. Phil won hole 1 with 2, so no ace there. Rory’s total says no one aced hole 3, so Justin got a 1 on hole 4

17.) Phil won hole 1, so Justin got at least a 3 on it. This means his first two holes total at least 7. But Justin’s total says that he had at least 8 on his last two holes. Therefore he had exactly 7 on the first two holes and exactly 8 on the last two holes. So Justin hit a 3 on hole 1 and a 7 on hole 3.

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