19 Kids and Counting Logic Puzzle Walkthrough

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1. Joshua (male)
2/3. Jana (female)
2/3. John-David (male)
4. Jill (female)
5. Jessa (female)
6. Jinger (female)
7. Joseph (male)
8. Josiah (male)
9. Joy-Anna (female)
10/11. Jedidiah (male)
10/11. Jeremiah (male)
12. Jason (male)
13. James (male)
14. Justin (male)
15. Jackson (male)
16. Johannah (female)
17. Jennifer (female)
18. Jordyn-Grace (female)
19. Josie (female)


1.) C1 tells you that Josiah is in E1.

2.) 8 Josiah tells you that 6 Jinger is in C2.

3.) Since 7 Joseph must be adjacent to both 6 Jinger and 8 Josiah, he must be in D1 or D2. If he is in D2, there’s no way the twins 10/11 Jedidiah and 10/11 Jeremiah can be adjacent to each other and still both adjacent to 9 Joy-Anna. Therefore 7 Joseph must be in D1.

4.) 7 Joseph says 13 James is in a corner. Even if 9 Joy-Anna is in D2, the 10/11 twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah cannot be placed so that they are both adjacent to 12 Jason unless the corner 13 James is in is E4. So 13 James is in E4.

5.) The only way to place kids 9-12 (9 Joy-Anna, 10/11 Jedidiah, 10/11 Jeremiah, and 12 Jason) is so that they are in D2, E2, D3, and E3. Otherwise either E2 or E3 would be blocked off and unused. This means that 14 Justin must be in D4, since he has to be adjacent to 13 James.

6.) 14 Justin tells you that 1 Joshua and 19 Josie are in A1 and A5 or vice versa. You know that one of 10/11 Jedidiah and Jeremiah is in D2 or E2. This means that 2/3 Jana must be in Row 1 or 2. Since she must be adjacent to 1 Joshua, 1 Joshua cannot be in Row 4. Therefore 1 Joshua is in A1 and 19 Josie is in A4.

7.) If 2/3 twins Jana and John-David were in A2 and B2, then 4 Jill would have to be in B1. But then she could not be adjacent to 5 Jessa. Therefore one of the 2/3 twins Jana and John David must be in B1, and if that twin is 2/3 John-David, 13 James is a liar. Therefore 2/3 Jana is in B1.

8.) 13 James is adjacent to 14 Justin. He is also sure to be adjacent to 10/11 Jeremiah and 12 Jason. So 14 Justin is adjacent to 100% males. So 9 Joy-Anna must be adjacent to only males. We know that 9 Joy-Anna must be in D2 or E2. D2 is already adjacent to 6 Jinger; therefore 9 Joy-Anna must be in E2.

9.) One of 10/11 twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah must be in D2. A1 says it is Jedidiah.

10.) 10/11 Jedidiah’s clue is probably the trickiest part of the puzzle. If 16 Johannah is adjacent to 19 Josie, 16 Johannah would have to be in either B3 or B4, since she must be adjacent to 15 Jackson, who is in either C3 or C4. At this point you also need to recognize that 5 Jessa is either in B3 or C3. B2 can’t work because it wouldn’t allow both 2/3 twins Jana and John-David to be adjacent to 4 Jill.
Now the clue essentially says that if 16 Johannah is in B3 or B4, 15 Jackson is in C3 (C3 is the only cell adjacent to both 6 Jinger and 14 Jackson that isn’t already known to be someone else). But if 16 Johannah and 15 Jackson are in B3 and C3, there’s nowhere to place 5 Jessa. So 16 Johannah cannot be in B3. What about B4? That scenario would again force 15 Jackson into C3. It would also force 17 Jennifer into C4 and 18 Jordyn-Grace into B3. And again, 5 Jessa could not be in B3 or C3, where she must go. So neither option works for 16 Johannah being adjacent to 19 Josie. Therefore 16 Johannah must actually be in C3 or C4, the other being 15 Jackson. Therefore 5 Jessa must be in B3. You also then know that B4 is 17 Jennifer and A3 is 18 Jordyn-Grace.

11.) 15 Jackson and 16 Johannah are in C3 and C4. 18 Jordyn-Grace tells you that 15 Jackson is in C4, thus 16 Johannah is in C3.

12.) 18 Jordyn-Grace also tells you that 10/11 Jeremiah is in E3, thus 12 Jason is in D3.

13.) 16 Johannah is adjacent to eight siblings. According to 12 Jason, at least five of them are brothers. Therefore B2 is 2/3 John David, thus A2 is 4 Jill.

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